Our Production Family
Believing that they are only as good as the people we work with, GroVia has created standards of conduct for our operations.  For us, "it all comes down to being an ethical and morally responsible company and holding vendors to those same standards!" says founder Kim Ormsby.

GroVia and its manufacturing facilities adhere to strict compliance agreements that guarantee fair labor and fair wage practices for our workers.  In particular, we are leading the charge in our industry for both material selection and ethical business practices.  Every year, we undergo a (relatively expensive!) audit by the Institute for Marketecology in order to certify our organic products, but also to review of our production processes for fair and ethical trade practices. That's how we know that we are providing great jobs both in the U.S. and abroad.  Working hand in hand with our production families in the United States, Northern China, Pakistan, and elsewhere means everyone shares in the successes of the company.  While we are proud to produce many of our products domestically in the U.S., we also know that our workers around the globe contribute to the quality and innovation that are hallmarks of the GroVia brand.

Our factory manager, Wang Weijing.

Design work at our factory.

Our sewers enjoy our clean, healthy, modern production facility.