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all in one cloth diaper

What does a trip around the world
have to do with diapers?

AIO Cloth Diaper - Eco

You’d be surprised.

Did you know that in the US we throw away 20 billion disposable diapers every year? That’s enough to circle the globe 90 times! Decomposition of each can take over 500 years, AND they comprise the third-largest source of household waste. Not to mention all of the trees, crude oil, chemicals and plastic used to make them. We seek to provide innovative, modern and cost-effective alternatives to these one-time-use products. Join us, and we really can change the world…one baby at a time.

Who’s afraid of a little old diaper?

Disposable Diaper Toxins

We are. 

The truth is that nobody outside of a few really big companies knows for sure what is used to produce disposables. But the components we do know about – petroleum, bleach, dioxins, VOCs, dyes, perfumes – don’t sound all that great. As it turns out, the safety concerns of disposables are just as scary (and unknown) as the environmental impacts.

With our All In One you know that only certified organic cotton is in contact with your baby’s skin. At least that much is easy to understand.



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