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Modern Cloth Diapers



all in one cloth diaper

Purposeful material selection.

We think that a diaper is only as good as the materials it contains. That’s why we don’t cut corners in the process we use to find our components. The industry’s only certified organic cotton. Extremely durable snaps. Solvent- and formaldehyde-free waterproofing. And all of our products are ethically-manufactured to boot. No other diaper even comes close.

IMO Certification.

AIO Cloth Diaper - IMO Certified

Why does it matter?

Not all cloth diapers are created equal. The fact that we have our production process certified every year for organic (and non-GMO) materials and for ethical business practices is a perfect case in point. We hire the world’s leading certification group – the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) – to provide our certifications. This means that with our products you really do “get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, others may not be able to say the same with a straight face.



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