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all in one cloth diaper

Sweet savings.

AIO Cloth Diaper - Cost Comparison

Watch your bank account grow.

As parents, we all know that cloth diapers are better for the environment and for babies. It may be less obvious that we can also save a TON of cash using cloth rather than disposables. Whether you use cloth full-time or in combination with disposables, you are going to notice the difference where it matters: your wallet.

How many will I need?

The hardest part will be choosing prints and colors!

You would test drive a car before you buy it, right? That’s why we encourage our customers to give us a try before investing in an entire diaper supply. Try 3–4 to learn the basics.

Ready to go “full-time” with All In Ones? Start with at least 24 diapers, chosen from any combination of our fun colors and prints. This amount will make it possible to launder every 2–3 days.

Comparing AIO Costs*

AIO Cloth Diaper - Comparing Costs

Saving money has never been easier.

Calculating how much you’ll spend with our All In One is as simple as the diaper itself. Everything you need is combined in a durable, highest-quality diaper.  No extra spending on add-ons or replacements, so it is easy to budget your diaper investment.

Quality, simplicity, and cost-savings. You really can have it… All In One!



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