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Modern Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diaper Care

Cloth diaper care is a LOT easier than most websites, brands and "experts" make it seem.  By following our laundry tips and tricks, you can ensure that your cloth diapers will last a long time.

Hook & Loop Shell Snap Shell All In One Soaker Pad

Hybrid Shells

  • Always tuck your Hook & Loop tabs under the laundry loops on wash day.

  • Wash on WARM (not hot or sanitize cyles).

  • Hang to dry. If drying outside, dry mesh side-up to avoid fading of prints/colors.

  • DO NOT tumble dry.

All-In-One Diapers & Soaker Pads

  • Dispose of solid waste in the toilet. Using liners or a mini shower to rinse will help make this simple.

  • Wash your diapers on warm with sufficient detergent.

  • Tumble dry, or hang to dry inside-up.

How Do I Remove Stains?

What to Avoid

Sometimes cloth diaper care is more about what you DON'T do!

Rash Creams

Using petroleum-based rash creams.

Petroleum bonds to your cotton and causes it to repel rather than absorb liquid.

Plant Oils

Using detergents with plant oils in them.

Plant oils can also bond to the fabrics and cause your diapers to repel.

Wash Routines

Elaborate wash routines.

Keep it simple. The more washes and rinses and spins done on your diapers the faster they will wear. Organic cotton is a wonderful material because very few babies have allergic reactions it and it is super soft. This is because they do not have finishes and additives that other synthetics use to hold together through lots of abuse. Love your cottons, but don’t wash them to pieces!


Skimping on diapers.

If you want your GroVia system to last from infancy to potty training, you will need enough soakers and shells to rotate them adequately. 6 shells and 12 soakers might be enough to get you through a day and a load of laundry, but if you wash those soakers every single day they will show significant wear before baby is ready to potty train. We suggest a minimum of 24 changes for full time diapering, and at least another 50% of that number if full time diapering will last for 2 or more years. A healthy stash keeps things working longer.



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