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Laundry Extras - Detergent Tips

Detergent Tips

There seems to be no ONE cloth diaper detergent that works for everyone.

The good new is that most major brands will work just fine: Wisk, Tide, Purex, and Gain, to name a few. All of them will clean your diapers well. Just stay away from detergents with lots of plant oils, fabric softeners or bleach.

How Do I Care for my Diapers?

Customer-recommended Detergents

  • Tiny Bubbles

  • Thirsties

  • Allen's

  • Country Save

  • All Free and Clear (military version)

  • Ruby Moon

  • Norwex

  • Tide Free

  • Sun Free and Clear

Do Not Soak Diapers

The following list includes diaper-safe detergents which contain some plant oils. Some customers have success using these, while others do not. Water type affects each detergent differently.

  • Charlie's

  • Ecos

  • Boulder Eco

  • Dropps Scent and Dye Free

  • Mountain Green Baby


Common Sense Laundry Tips

Keep in mind that diapers are garments that can get pretty messy at times! So you need to get them clean. You shouldn't need to baby them, but also know that they will wear out over time. Again, they ARE garments-- T-shirts don't last forever either!


Laundry Tips

Keep it Simple

Laundry Tips

Use enough detergent

Laundry Tips

Warm wash + one extra rinse is enough. If you have stinky diapers, they generally aren't getting clean, so think about adding more water or detergent. Or both!

Laundry Tips

"Stripping" should be needed rarely if at all. Tweak your cloth diaper detergent (switch brands or increase amounts) before thinking you need to strip your diapers! To get diapers clean you need to expose them to the proper concentration of detergent for at least 45-50 minutes.



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