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Modern Cloth Diapers

Are you a GroVia SuperFamily?
Or do you know one? 

  • Does your family have a unique or bold life story that would encourage other families to use GroVia? Maybe even in extreme locations, circumstances, and/or situations? We are constantly trying to prove the point that cloth diapering – especially with GroVia’s flexible Hybrid diaper system – can be done ANYwhere. We all know it’s true, but some families really won’t believe it without seeing some strong evidence.

  • Are you working on issues that positively impact the global community of families? Or the global environment? We admire the many moms and dads who have found a way to simultaneously raise children and impact the world at large.

We would love to hear your stories and to explore possibilities to spotlight the most impressive and inspiring. We (obviously) can’t spotlight everyone, but we are hoping to find 5-10 “GroVia SuperFamilies” that can help us to better tell our own story of changing the world.

So...what’s your story? Please feel free to "nominate" someone that inspires you.



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