The Girl Is A Mom - GroVia Review and Giveaway!

Once in a while you come across a diaper that is totally different from all of the others, GroVia from The Natural Baby Company is one of those diapers. Formerly known as the GroBaby with the rebranding comes some great new changes. GroVia aims to change the disposable diapering industry and make cloth diapering even easier for existing cloth diapering families, which is no small task.

Like most awesome cloth diaper companies, The Natural Baby Company was founded by a mom. Kim Ormsby started the business out of her laundry room, never realizing that her small ideas would revolutionize the industry. Since 2008, The Natural Baby Company has grown by introducing ultra useable and innovative products for natural parenting families. I was lucky enough to get one of the new GroVia All In 2 diapers for review. When I heard about the re-branding from GroBaby diapers to GroVia, I figured it was simply a name change but I was so wrong. GroVia made some marked and fabulous changes to their already great diapers.

I should start by saying that I was also lucky enough to pick up a GroBaby All In 2 diapers from the gently used section of my local diaper store, The Diaper Lab. Since we have had it the GroBaby has been on the top of my favorites list. I’m glad I got it because I was able to clearly see the improvements that were made when GroBaby became GroVia. So, let’s get on with talking about the fluff!

The shell of the GroVia diaper is super cute. Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, it doesn’t feel like rubber or plastic like some other diapers. The outside is super soft and comes in great colors. On the inside you find a mesh with two snaps. The cover is very light and trim, it washes great and dries quickly. Our favorite features on the GroVia shell are the totally cool Velcro closures, the new laundry tabs, and the front snaps that allow for an adjusted rise. Basically the entire top portion of the GroVia Shell is a soft almost felt like material (it is their own soft loop fabric) and the unique Velcro tabs can then latch on to any portion of the top. This is great because it allows for a super customizable fit and makes it a cinch to diaper a squirming baby. On the front you find three rise adjustments, the snaps they use are literally the best snaps I have ever seen on a diaper. Having a rise adjustment allows you to have the same diaper for a very long time, lengthening it as your child grows.

The soaker of the GroVia snaps into the shell, which is why it is totally different from any other cloth diapers. The soaker on the GroVia was improved as well, it is now wider and has a true gusset on the edge. Also, unlike the older GroBaby soaker, the GroVia now has a waterproof backing. Made from organic cotton, we love the soaker on this diaper. We have never had a leak and I especially love the new gussets. Because the GroVia soakers are so small in comparison to the regular types of cloth diapers, they create even smaller loads of laundry!

Now you are wondering I am sure, how it works. We love the GroVia. We have used it at night with not one leak or problem at all. Since Coraline is now a baby on the move, some of the other diapers in our stash are no longer holding up. Crawling around means diapers are really getting a work out and the GroVia has stood the tests. She can crawl, jump, stand, play, chase the cat and even sleep all night and the GroVia does not move. Another great feature is that they are so trim and small. We love the GroVia when we are out and about because they take up minimal space in our diaper bag. If you are anything like me, that diaper bag space is very important.

Speaking of on the go…GroVia has a brand new product that is going to change your life. Ok that sounds dramatic, I know, but hear me out. When The Natural Baby Company told me about their new product they said they were aiming to totally revolutionize the disposable diaper industry. I did a smile and nod to myself, thinking, yeah I have heard companies say things like that before. We have even tried some other companies disposable inserts with terrible results. I’ll humor them, I thought to myself. Then last week when I got my GroVia products in the mail, I was a little surprised. The new BioDiaper is pretty amazing, awfully simple and kind of genius. One of those things that you kick yourself for not thinking up. I’m so glad for these, they are going to make our vacations and travels a breeze.

The BioDiaper is a disposable diaper, a truly disposable diaper. No plastic, no chlorine, and made with a Bio Film called Ingeo. The Bio-Film forms a waterproof barrier and it is 100% compostable. Let me say that again, compostable! The little tabs that are used to close the diaper haven’t been tested for composting so you have to pull those off first, but still. This diaper is biodegradable for real. The inside core is made with sustainably harvested wood pulp fibers and a very minimal amount of SAP gel, the part that makes the diaper absorbent. With a regular disposable diaper you can feel that gel expand when it has absorbed the liquid, there is so little gel in these that you can’t tell at all. I put my GroVia shell over the BioDiaper and we were good to go. These are a great option if you are travelling, I can honestly tell you this is what we will be using on vacations from now on.

GroVia has so many great diapers that I would love to tell you about but this is getting long. I do want to mention that they also have an All In One diaper that we also think is fantastic (I just ordered two more for Coraline to replace some diapers that she has outgrown) and they have a fitted diaper that I really want to try.

In all honesty, If I had known what great diapers GroVia were when I was pregnant, I would have spent the money right away on the GroVia Live Package, 12 shells, 24 soaker pads and 4 organic boosters. You can be set to cloth diaper in literally one purchase.


The entire line of GroVia Diapers is now available online, visit their store to grab some of your very own!

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