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GroVia SuperMom: Major Vanessa Mahan


US Air Force F-15E Fighter Pilot – call sign “Siren”

sirens_favorite_grovia_250Talk about making us proud! Not only has Major Mahan flown sorties over Afghanistan to protect troops on the ground, but she is a living example of following your dreams. Since she was a little girl, she knew she would fly. And as a Weapons Systems Officer on an F-15 (think Goose in Top Gun!), she got to surprise many of the troops on the ground with a female voice when flying over dangerous territory. And on top of it, she spent her down time meeting and inspiring Afghan women and girls!?! Our hats are off!

In Her Own Words:
GroVia is my diaper of choice! I actually won a shell and a couple inserts at a raffle when I was pregnant. They looked great and easy to use, so I ended up buying the bulk pack. I did receive a different brand of the all in one type as a gift, and that one is fine. But with both my husband and me being military folks, we don't live anywhere near family, so GroVia being so easy to use is key. Love that I can snap in the inserts and reuse the shells. And when the grandparents come out to visit, they are very impressed with the ease of use (and lack of pins!) with these diapers.

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