Super Tanker!


We know...kind of mind-blowing, isn't it?!?  Thanks to GroVia customers everywhere for using cloth diapers and making a dent in this awful statistic!

The fine print of how we calculated this:

  • At least 20 BILLION disposable diapers sold in the US every year. (Real Diaper Association)
  • 1 cup of crude oil per disposable diaper (National Geographic)

  • 20 billion cups = 1.25 Billion gallons.  (just math!)
  • "Today's supertankers, on average, can carry about 2 million barrels or 84 million gallons of crude oil and petroleum product. The largest supertanker in the world is the Norwegian-owned Knock Nevis which is 647,955 tonnes deadweight and can hold 4.1 million barrels of petroleum."

 (U.S. Energy Information Administration - 
  • 1.25 Billion gallons divided by 84 million gallons per supertanker = 14.88 supertankers of oil. You could also say that it takes 7.4 of the world's largest supertankers. (again...just math!)