The Next Generation Gets It!

parkersworld2It's enough to make a dad proud when his son reports that his teacher had him read his "persuasive essay" aloud in class because it was so good.  It's a whole new level of pride when you read it and see the topic that he chose without prompting from anyone!  I don't know about you, but I don't remember writing this kind of essay in 2nd grade...maybe it has something to do with this Common Core thing that seems to have everyone talking.  Or maybe the next generation is just tuned in to things that need some changing.  Either way, happy reading...and I hope your children are seeing the world through a similar lens! Make sure to check out the earth images for some sad humor.

"Do you belive that some babys have to have scrachy paper diapers on their bottom all day? I believe new parents should use cloth diapers. I feel, that babys that use cloth diapers are happyer with cloth diapers than paper diapers.  When babys play the paper diaper scraches their bottom which makes a rash easyer and faster.  Do you want your baby to have a rash? I know, that new parents that use cloth diapers spend less money than parents that use paper diapers. If a parent buys 15 cloth diapers and a different parent buys paper diapers the parent that uses paper diapers will spend more money. Most importantly, if you use cloth diapers they save you space. When you buy a box of 100 paper diapers the box will take space up instead of a basket of 15 cloth diapers. Based on these facts, using cloth diapers is better than using paper diapers. [see image] What earth look like now...what earth used to look like.  Some of this trash is from paper diapers."