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Meet The Bloggers

Hiller Higman
 is fond of drawing real life scenes at the coffee shop with a piston filled fountain pen in a Moleskine notebook while checking the time on his self winding automatic watch after commuting through the extra frigid bozeman winter on his cross bike complete with studded snow tires. You can see more of Hillers work at hillerhigman.com



Jessica Drostis a sports-loving marketing maven who spends her free time drinking Moscow Mules and wrangling her three slobbery, four-legged “kids”.  A child of hippy parents, she grew up in a log cabin in rural Oregon without electricity for the first seven years of her life, where she had a pet pigeon named Henny Penny and a goat named Harriet.




Jeff Batton wishes he was witty enough to share something funny, interesting or inspiring here.  Or maybe even a portfolio of his work.  Instead, he is known as  "the business guy" here at GroVia.  At least he comes up with some creative business strategies from time to time.




Kim Ormsby is a professional baby maker and espresso connoisseur. She can usually be found exploring the outdoors with her family, dreaming of cool new products to create, or pulling a ristretto from her Italian steel beauty, Guido.





Troy Paulson is not your typical bean counter with a pocket protector...at least he doesn't think so.  He keeps busy with anything that is outdoor related, hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, hunting, kayaking, whitewater rafting, and whatever else that will keep him outside, taking in the sights and sounds that southwest Montana has to offer.



Jennifer Lewis is a soon to be, first time mom with a quirky personality topped with a phobia of goldfish. She likes things by the book but isn't afraid to let loose and have a good time just as long as fish aren't included.



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