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Impending parenthood is a nerve-racking time. Decisions—big ones, little ones, life-changing ones
and even relatively insignificant ones (like what color to paint the nursery)—fill up your days and nights. Not sure where to start? Well, forget pink or blue—green is the way to go when it comes to getting ready for your little one. If you start from green, you can rest assured that your choices will be sound ones, which is why we asked Sue Brown and the staff of Satara Baby for some advice on her favorite organic baby gear options on the market today.

Sue, who's been in the green game for eight years, having bought her first brick-and-mortar (then called Home Environment) in Madison, Wis., in 2002 with her partner Tyrone Bell, and her staff are on a mission to educate all people on the benefits of eco-friendly products and empower them to make the right choices for themselves and the planet.

Here, Sue and the Satara Baby family give you their tips for the easiest ways to make your days with baby safer (and more stylish), naturally.


Diapering Tip:

Give cloth diapers a try. It's never been easier than now with the new "hybrid" diapers.

You'll save a LOT of money in the long run by buying a set of cloth diapers that will see you through from infancy to potty training. Hybrids, like Gro-Via and Flip, are an easy place to start because you can use them as half cloth/half disposable diapers. Instead of the regular cloth soaker pad, just lay a Gro-Via biodegradable soaker pad inside the diaper shell. Shells can be reused for two or three diaper changes, cutting down on overall cost. You can switch back and forth between cloth and biodegradable pads as you like, giving you a lot of flexibility and convenience.

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