Gro Baby Diapers - Review

The Bottom Line - If you want to cloth diaper but find you need the convenience of disposables sometimes, Gro Baby diapers fit the bill.


  • Both cloth and disposable options
  • Cute patterns

Cons - Cost


  • Cotton Shell
  • One-size
  • Shell and insert diaper
  • Cloth and disposable
  • Closes with Snaps

When I first heard about the Gro Baby diaper, I was skeptical. Usually a diaper is a good disposable or a good cloth diaper, but rarely both. I was happily surprised when Gro Baby was excellent at both. My first experience with the diaper was to take it on a trip. I used the disposable inserts, which took up much less room in our bag than taking traditional disposable diapers. The gusseted disposable inserts held in even a messy bowl movement and did not leak urine. The disposables held a lot of fluid, which I tested beyond the limits of my toddler’s bladder. One trick I learned was that when removing the disposable inserts you need to make sure none of the sticky-stuff stays in the snap, otherwise when you go to snap in a cloth liner, it will not snap in completely. After washing the reusable insert 5 times, I was impressed with it’s absorbency. I loved that the fact that it snapped in meant that it didn’t shift when my toddler walked around. Also, the gussets on the reusable insert held in all solid messes and kept the cover clean. The one-size aspect of the diaper means that you will get more out of your money in this diaper. If someone was looking for an awesome diaper that works well for travel and home, I would recommend the Gro Baby.

by Ashley Benz