Gro Baby Bio Wipes - Review

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Get to the bottom of greening your baby with Gro Baby Bio Wipes, the latest earth friendly product born from the creators of the Gro Baby reusable diapering system for modern parents. Free of harmful chemicals, compostable and made from 100% renewable materials, the all-natural Gro Baby Bio Wipes offer today’s mom and dad a better way to wipe up baby’s messes without leaving a mess on the planet.

The essential diapering tool for modern parents on-the-go, Gro Baby Bio Wipes are a natural and effective way to tidy up baby in seconds. Moistened with Aloe Vera botanicals, Vitamin E and purified water, Gro Baby Bio Wipes work to naturally clean, calm and soothe baby’s sensitive skin. Made from plant based Ingeo fibers derived from 100% renewable resources, the Gro Baby Bio Wipes are high in strength making them sturdy and tough on messes, but not on baby. Now mom and dad can clean up the most unpleasant diaper change with ease, speed and a minimal impact on our planet.

“The ingredients used in most commercial baby wipes are not only harmful for the planet, but are enough to make both baby and parents uncomfortable,” said Kim Ormsby, Creator of Gro Baby. “And as roughly 18 billion disposable diapers are dumped each year, the number of wipes that join them is staggering. At Gro Baby, our mission is to help clean baby’s waste without being wasteful to the environment, making the Gro Baby Bio Wipes the perfect addition to our Gro Baby family of earth friendly products.”

Unlike other baby wipes that use harsh chemicals, alcohol, perfumes, and even chlorine to scrub babies clean, Gro Baby Bio Wipes are completely free of chlorine, preservatives, alcohol, fragrances, and dyes. Gentler on baby’s skin, and gentle on the planet, Gro Baby Bio Wipes are a perfect match to Gro Baby’s recently released Bio Soaker diaper pads—the eco friendly diapering system that protects baby and the earth. With compostability at the forefront of Gro Baby designs, Gro Baby’s Bio line allows mom and dad to start greening baby early, from the bottom up.

Gro Baby Bio Wipes retail for $5.99 and include 80 wipes in each easy to open and resealable package.

by Sharon Kindred