Green Your Baby’s Bum!

Gro Baby Introduces New To The Market Eco Friendly Diaper Pads

Gro Baby’s New Bio Soaker Pads, the Convenient Hybrid Diaper Option for Modern Parents On-The-Go

Gro Baby, creator of reusable diapers for modern parents, announced today the debut of the newest addition to their line, Gro Baby Bio Soaker Pads. An essential for parents who treasure convenience but also love the earth, Gro Baby’s Bio Soakers offer mom and dad the ultimate eco friendly cloth diaper option. Superior in design, comfort and protection – Gro Baby Bio Soakers are safer for baby, and safer for the planet.

Gro Baby Bio SoakersWith eighteen billion disposable diapers dumped each year, this everyday essential has become the 3rd largest contributor to the world’s landfills. And while other hybrid diaper companies offer flushable and chlorine free options – many of which end up in landfills for years, Gro Baby’s Bio Soaker Pads are specially designed to be composted in commercial composting programs. Gro Baby’s Bio Soaker Pads have no petroleum or plastics and a compostable waterproof outer layer made from corn, maintaining Gro Baby’s promise to be gentle with the environment.

“Many parents are intimidated by the idea of cloth diapering,” said Kim Ormsby Creator of Gro Baby. “Our Bio Soakers are the perfect solution for modern moms and dads who want to help reduce the environmental impact of babyhood, but also prefer the convenience of disposable diapers.”

Other brands promise performance but instead mom is left with confusing sizing patterns, leaky messes, and some very uncomfortable babies. Designed by industry leaders from Patagonia, Simms, and Clean Waste – Gro Baby’s Bio Soakers use contoured gussets and leg elastics to control a mess while providing soft comfort for baby’s skin. The easy to use system sticks securely onto the one size Gro Baby Shell, no shifting or scrunching means no messy changes.

Disposable diapers are easy to use, but many contain harsh chemicals known to increase the incidence of diaper rash, sinus irritation, and can even lead to lacerations and bleeding. Gro Baby diaper and Bio Soaker designs emphasize convenience but are purposefully created without the petroleum, plastic, chlorine, fragrance and artificial dyes found in disposable diapers. Made to be natural, breathable and hypoallergenic – Gro Baby diapers and Bio Soakers ensure ultimate protection for baby’s sensitive skin.

Simply stick a Bio Soaker to a Gro Baby Shell, and baby is all set in this comfortable, leak proof and eco friendly diaper. When soiled replace with a fresh Bio Soaker and simply compost or toss dirty Bio Soakers. As with any diaper, put heavy messes where they belong - in the toilet.

The Bio Soaker Intro Package retails for $34.95, includes 50 eco friendly, disposable soaker pads and 1 Gro Baby Shell