Examiner.com says GroVia is the Best Cloth Diaper!

Over a year and a half ago I jumped into the world of cloth diapering for my girls, then 10-months old and 2.5 years old. My oldest was soon potty trained. My then 10-month old is now 2 years old and fully potty trained. Now my son is on diaper testing duty. We've tried A LOT of brands... even did a diaper challenge.

The latest diaper to be put to the test in my diaper challenge are Gro Baby Diapers.

A relatively new cloth diap newcomer, Gro Babys are a system of diapering that combines cloth and eco-friendly disposable inserts (aka Bio Soakers) that both go into a reusable shell. It's a similar concept to gDiapers, but much much better. In fact Gro diaps are now among my most favorite (up next to BumGenius, FuzziBunz and Green Acre Designs cloth diapers).

Gro Baby Diapers are high quality and good construction and really simple to use. Just snap in a cloth insert into cover (which is not only soft and durable but very absorbent) and put on. (See photo in slideshow) The cover can be used 2-3 times, depending on your little ones soaking abilities and the frequency of changes.

You can go back and forth between the cloth inserts and the disposable ones. On the topic of the disposable inserts- called Bio Soakers by Gro Baby- they're surprisingly great. I expected at first use that they'd slide around or not stay in place but quite the opposite. They stick too well. They don't leak or move around but they do leave sticky residue that can be challenging to get all off. I've also tried the disp inserts with other covers (including BumGenius, DryBees among others). They stay perfectly and don't get the shell wet. But they do leave sticky residue that you have to work to get off. However, they're so much better than cloth when your little one gives you a big poop present.

On the topic of poop, my son put the Gro Baby with cloth insert through the poop test the first time I put him in them. They performed well. The cover got poop on it so there was no reusing it prior to washing but with just a little poop wiping down with a baby wipe, tossing it into the reusable diaper bag and washing it the next day... the Gro Baby still looked brand new, no poop stains whatsoever. Now a month plus later - they're still looking brand new. There's not even any lint stuck in the velcro tabs, which is hard to believe. That's because you just fold the tab down to the diaper cloth, not a special tab. That makes it really easy to keep nice and clean.

As for overnight - I haven't been brave enough to try overnights with the Gro Baby as both the cloth and disposable inserts are only good for my little soaker man for two hours... and he's sleeping through the night for the most part.

Overall, Gro Baby is now one of my favorite diapering systems. If I was just starting out, I'd start with Gro Baby because of its versatility and options to use both the disposable and cloth inserts.

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