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I had the opportunity to try out Gro Baby’s cloth diapering system. I love the versatility of it and that it is also one size from birth to potty training. There are many things that really caught my attention about their diapers. The first thing of course was how adorable they are. They offer tons of cute colors and prints.

The second thing that I love is that they are one size from birth to potty training. You simply adjust the snaps to fit your baby and it is super easy to adjust. The diapers fit on both my little baby Aiden from the time we first tried them when he was a few weeks old and also fit my almost two year old daughter. I loved how easy it was to adjust them to fit each child and of course I love that I can buy one diaper to fit all the way up to when the kiddos are potty training.

Gro Baby Shell SetHere is Mr. Aiden in his adorable Gro Baby diaper. The velcro “never pill hook tabs” worked great and I loved that there wasn’t the traditional velcro closure. The tabs can hook anywhere onto the super soft loop fabric. There are also laundry tabs to fold over on and they actually stay shut in the wash.

The great thing about the Gro Baby diaper system is that you can keep using the cover and just change the inserts until the cover gets soiled. I really am a big fan of using covers and snap in inserts. I find that you get more bang for your buck because you only have to buy a few covers and have more inserts than covers. Being that inserts are cheaper than covers, it is a great way to save money. The soaker pad is six layers and the snaps are guaranteed for life. The quick dry mesh on the cover also allows it to dry quickly between uses.

When we are out and about and away from home I don’t always use cloth and generally we put the kids in disposables. Gro Baby has a great option for cloth diapering parents to use when on the go. The have Bio Soaker Pads which are made of biodegradable and compostable materials. They function as a disposable would and make diaper changes on the go easier. They simply set into the cover as an insert would but have sticky tabs instead of snaps. After baby goes and needs to be changed you remove the disposable insert and toss it, flush it or compost it. They work great and didn’t leak at all when I used them on Aiden.

Tiny Bubbles Laundry DetergentGro Baby also offers Tiny Bubbles laundry detergent which is cloth diaper friendly and works great. They also have great wet wipes which are fragrance, dye and chlorine free. The packages work great on the go too.

You can buy all of Gro Baby’s wonderful products on their site as well as at most places that sell cloth diapers.

Gro Baby is running a fun contest only through February 14th on their Facebook and Twitter pages. They are asking fans to send in pictures (on Facebook) of their Gro Babies showing love (daddy showing baby some love, baby sharing his sweet kisses, the family’s big bear hugs, etc.). On Valentine’s Day they’ll announce the winners (top 10 pics) and each winner gets a free Gro Baby gift! How fun! Good Luck and let me know if you win!

By Sarah Marturano



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