Cloth Diaper 101 Radio Show Features GroVia

ABC's of Surrogacy - Cloth Diaper 101 Radio ShowHere at GroVia, our ultimate goal is to get the word out about the benefits of cloth diapers. That's why we were excited to see a Cloth Diaper 101 feature on the ABC's of Surrogacy with Dawn Marmorstein. In this episode, Dawn interviews Sandy Soriano Barajas from organic diaper service Luludew. They discuss the benefits that cloth diapers offer, not only in terms of baby products that are green and environmentally friendly, but also cost effective as well.

In the show, they also highlight their top three cloth diaper companies, and we were thrilled to see that GroVia made the list of one of Sandy's favorite brands. There is nothing better than being recommended by a fellow company in the cloth diapering space.

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For those interested, here is the transcription of what Sandy and Dawn had to say about Grovia on the show!

Dawn Marmorstein: So, what are some of your cloth diaper brands on the market?

Sandy Soriano Barajas: Well, we've done so much research and we've come up with three cloth diaper companies that we really truly love, not just for the construction and ease of use, but also because they are just amazing companies to work with.

GroVia has only been on the market since 2009 but oh my gosh it's everywhere - a) because it's such an amazing product and b) because it is run by a great family that does a really great job with advertising. But we love that cover - a) because it will grow from birth to potty learning, and also the way it is fastened - it has a really modern hook and loop, which is the way to close it. And it's super soft and really amazing. And I think they are my favorite design-wise. They have really great colors. Right now, they have this really bold orange and a green. It's amazing! If you are sort of a trendsetter, go check out GroVia.