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From the adventures they pursue – to the jobs they do – to the inspiration they give us all – these SuperMoms are making a huge difference in the world at large and in the lives of their families.  Enjoy their stories…and please share your thoughts below!

  • Brian Beyke of Abandon Coffee - Mother's Day Giveaway!


    Super Dad Brian Beyke, coffee blogger and extraordinary photographer, and his wife Kristen totally get why cloth diapers can help family life run smoothly:

    Before our daughter was born we were interested in cloth diapers. When we went into a local store and had someone explain it all to us we found it very overwhelming. Tuck this here, extra padding there, buttons, snaps, hook and loop, this brand that brand. Continue reading

  • GroVia SuperMom: Major Vanessa Mahan


    US Air Force F-15E Fighter Pilot – call sign “Siren”

    sirens_favorite_grovia_250Talk about making us proud! Not only has Major Mahan flown sorties over Afghanistan to protect troops on the ground, but she is a living example of following your dreams. Since she was a little girl, she knew she would fly. And as a Weapons Systems Officer on an F-15 (think Goose in Top Gun!), she got to surprise many of the troops on the ground with a female voice when flying over dangerous territory. And on top of it, she spent her down time meeting and inspiring Afghan women and girls!?! Our hats are off! Continue reading

  • SuperDad: Duane Ormsby


    GroVia’s Super Glue

    Duanes Favorite Cloth Diapers - Shell Hook Loop, All in One and the BioSoaker 50 CountIf you worked at GroVia, you would be amazed at all of the moving parts that it takes to keep it running.  And even more amazed by the energy level and “get it done” attitude of this father of six and husband to our founder. This is the guy that poured the first GroVia Magic Stick…by hand…in his kitchen!  And the guy that magically keeps track of all of the cloth diapers and baby products, we have in our inventory, plus all the materials that are stored in our various warehouses.  Simply put, if Duane wasn’t here holding it all together for us, we would definitely have “issues”.

    In His Own Words: Continue reading

  • GroVia SuperMom: Annie Leonard


    The Story of Stuff Project

    During a recent keynote speech in our hometown, Annie made it abundantly clear that she just plain “gets” what we are doing here at GroVia.  And with 15 million (and counting!) views of her online movie The Story of Stuff (a self-described ‘20-minute cartoon about trash’) Annie has become an inspiration to parents and citizens worldwide.  We are proud to have Annie involved with the GroVia SuperMom program and hope you will take the time to learn more about her findings and organization.

    In Her Own Words: Continue reading

  • SuperMom: Erica Lighthiser

    Super Mom Erica Lighthiser practice green living and her family ride bikes in the northwestern united states

    The Family Ride

    Erica's Favorite Cloth Diapers and Accessories Shell Hook and Loop, BioSoaker 50 Count, Organic Cotton Soaker PadWe first met Erica when she rolled into our local shop fresh off “the trail” with her three kids.  Literally. They were attached to her own bike in various ways.   With husband Mark, their kids, and one dog (Hayduke!) the intrepid Family Ride has been biking for months through the Northern Rocky Mountains.  While we definitely find inspiration in the low-impact and high-adventure form of transport, we also LOVE the fact that they have found it quite easy to use the GroVia Hybrid diaper on their youngest during the journey! Continue reading

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