• GroVia Customers Are Changing the World


    The Founding Fathers would thank you...and so do we!

    Every week that goes by, GroVia cloth diaper users keep about 1 MILLION disposable diapers from going to landfills. That's a lot of diapers, and they add up fast. Since we launched our first GroVia Hybrid cloth diaper back in 2009, you have all combined to keep over 257 million disposable diapers from piling up in our environment. That's the equivalent of twelve Mount Rushmores...and counting.  THANK YOU!!!

    Want to share more inspiring and sometimes scary facts like this with friends and family?                                                                              --> See this, that, and the other thing!

    Want to learn more about how your family can help change the world?                                                                                                              --> Learn about our best-selling Hybrid or dad's-favorite All In One.

    Key assumptions used for the above calculations: 2 washes per week per diaper, 2.5 years until potty training, 21.92 used disposable diapers per cubic foot of trash, approximately 927,000 cubic feet in Mount Rushmore (we called park rangers to ask!)

  • The Next Generation Gets It!

    parkersworld2It's enough to make a dad proud when his son reports that his teacher had him read his "persuasive essay" aloud in class because it was so good.  It's a whole new level of pride when you read it and see the topic that he chose without prompting from anyone!  I don't know about you, but I don't remember writing this kind of essay in 2nd grade...maybe it has something to do with this Common Core thing that seems to have everyone talking.  Or maybe the next generation is just tuned in to things that need some changing.  Either way, happy reading...and I hope your children are seeing the world through a similar lens! Make sure to check out the earth images for some sad humor. Continue reading

  • Alphabet Soup: good for kids AND the Earth

    July 2014 UPDATE: GroVia's parent company, The Natural Baby Company, became a certified B Corporation this month. Thanks to all of our customers for helping to change the world!

    GroVia b corp

    Just about everyone's heard of an LLC before...and then there is the good old S-Corp, and the C-Corp...and before you know it, the alphabet soup of American corporations can get pretty overwhelming...and frankly pretty annoying.

    But there is some good news that is just coming over the horizon. It's something called a Certified B Corporation. And in this case, rather than referring to something in the IRS tax code, B stands for "benefit". What's that you say? Benefit and Corporation in the same phrase?!? Yes...as it turns out, leaders in the business world - and I mean thought leaders, not necessarily profit leaders(!) - are waking up to realize that their companies don't operate in a vacuum. Their products generally have some impact on the ENVIRONMENT, they all rely on PEOPLE for their markets and workers, and they all impact their local COMMUNITIES in one way or another. Continue reading

  • Washing away the cloth diaper water myth

    grovia_washmyth_totaluseOne of the key criticisms of cloth diapers is that they require “large amounts” of water to wash. Sure, most cloth diapers must be washed after every use (although the GroVia Hybrid diaper partially changes that fact!). Assuming “typical” (not water-wise) practices, estimates suggest that laundering diapers could use 15,300 gallons over the course of a 2.5-year diapering period. If you use about the same amount of water as the average American household, washing diapers could account for up to 5% of your total water use.
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  • Eco-friendly cloth diapering: one load at a time

    You chose to cloth diaper because you care about your baby, the environment...and probably your pocketbook too! Congratulations! Reusable cloth diapers are inherently green. Do you want to maximize the eco-friendliness of your cloth diapers? How you launder your diapers can affect the overall environmental impact of diapering your baby. Efficient laundering methods will use less energy and water, and could save you a bundle! If you want all the gritty details, read this life cycle assessment conducted by Environment Agency. Below we summarize and expand upon some of the energy-saving tips suggested in the report. Cherry-pick or use them all, whatever works best for you.

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