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  • | Babble Best 2011 Cloth Diapers names GroVia the Best All-in-One Diaper in their 2011 list of Best Cloth Diapers!

  • Pregnancy and Newborn | Trend Alert: Owls

    The GroVia 'Owl' print is a huge hit with this new trend featured on Pregnancy and Newborn!

  • Gro Baby Diapers - Review

    The Bottom Line - If you want to cloth diaper but find you need the convenience of disposables sometimes, Gro Baby diapers fit the bill.


    • Both cloth and disposable options
    • Cute patterns

    Cons - Cost


    • Cotton Shell
    • One-size
    • Shell and insert diaper
    • Cloth and disposable
    • Closes with Snaps

    When I first heard about the Gro Baby diaper, I was skeptical. Usually a diaper is a good disposable or a good cloth diaper, but rarely both. I was happily surprised when Gro Baby was excellent at both. My first experience with the diaper was to take it on a trip. I used the disposable inserts, which took up much less room in our bag than taking traditional disposable diapers. The gusseted disposable inserts held in even a messy bowl movement and did not leak urine. The disposables held a lot of fluid, which I tested beyond the limits of my toddler’s bladder. One trick I learned was that when removing the disposable inserts you need to make sure none of the sticky-stuff stays in the snap, otherwise when you go to snap in a cloth liner, it will not snap in completely. After washing the reusable insert 5 times, I was impressed with it’s absorbency. I loved that the fact that it snapped in meant that it didn’t shift when my toddler walked around. Also, the gussets on the reusable insert held in all solid messes and kept the cover clean. The one-size aspect of the diaper means that you will get more out of your money in this diaper. If someone was looking for an awesome diaper that works well for travel and home, I would recommend the Gro Baby.

    by Ashley Benz

  • Radar Online

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    GroVia: The Best For Your Baby's Needs
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 05:34PM

    Are you hearing the pitter-patter of little feet, or about to?

    Then its time for you to check out GroVia products, which integrates modern technology into the entire baby-changing changing process as we know it, refining it via years of personal use and testing and taking environmental impact and natural goodness for your baby into account.

    The centerpiece of GroVia's collection: the All-In-One diaper, which boasts stretchy tabs for a perfect fit with no stuffing or doublers. It has a trim, one-size design that grows with your baby, requires no cover and comes equipped with a quick-dry design.

    With the All-In-One diaper, you can adjust rise snaps as needed, as well as use a snap-in soaker for older babies or heavy wetters.

    User testimonials illustrate how satisfied customers have been with the All-In-One diaper.

    "This is a great diaper, very trim, soft and absorbent," wrote Heather Whitney, while Janice Pabalate wrote: "My most favorite diaper!!! As soon as I put this on my baby, I quickly realized how much I love it! Its just the perfect diaper! It very absorbent, super easy to use, super trim, and very stylish!"

    To order products, and for more info, check out

  • Women Entrepreneur "The Right Way to Rebrand"

    You can't just flip a switch. The Natural Baby Company discovered firsthand that rebranding is an intensive process.

    When we launched Gro Baby, our modern cloth diaper line in April 2009, we had no idea how much it would transform our business model. We started The Natural Baby Company in 2005 with three product lines--WonderWraps, Pocket Change and DreamEze. Now our successful little company, with a mere 50-plus retailers, was about to experience a boom in business.

    Within months of the Gro Baby launch, we had wholesale distributors on three continents and were supplying 500-plus retailers worldwide. It was abundantly clear that the Gro Baby brand name would outsell our other products, and it was starting to define our company. Customers and retailers no longer knew us by our company name, The Natural Baby Company. They knew us as Gro Baby.

    In early January 2010, our team sat down and started strategizing. We asked ourselves some very simple questions: Who are we? Who are our customers? Where is our company going? Over the course of a few weeks, we took the time to brainstorm ideas, names and mission statements. We eventually decided to pick a single brand name that all of our products would be sold under. The name chosen was GroVia. Our brand mission: Simplifying the way parents nurture baby, naturally.The amount of work that goes into a rebrand is substantial, to say the least. Timing is so important, and scheduling and meeting deadlines are mind-boggling. Continue reading

  • GroVia Makes Parenthood Easier - The Family Groove


    Impending parenthood is a nerve-racking time. Decisions—big ones, little ones, life-changing ones
    and even relatively insignificant ones (like what color to paint the nursery)—fill up your days and nights. Not sure where to start? Well, forget pink or blue—green is the way to go when it comes to getting ready for your little one. If you start from green, you can rest assured that your choices will be sound ones, which is why we asked Sue Brown and the staff of Satara Baby for some advice on her favorite organic baby gear options on the market today.

    Sue, who's been in the green game for eight years, having bought her first brick-and-mortar (then called Home Environment) in Madison, Wis., in 2002 with her partner Tyrone Bell, and her staff are on a mission to educate all people on the benefits of eco-friendly products and empower them to make the right choices for themselves and the planet.

    Here, Sue and the Satara Baby family give you their tips for the easiest ways to make your days with baby safer (and more stylish), naturally.

    Continue reading

  • Boutique Café GroVia Review and Giveaway

    GroVia, by The Natural Baby Company, is the rebrand GroBaby and makes everything you need to go completely green when it comes to cloth diapers. I’ve been testing their Hybrid Shell and Soaker set (as well as their Cloth AIO, more to come later), and I love it. This diaper is truly different from everything else on the market. It’s beautifully made and has awesome design. A lot of thought went into this diaper and I definitely appreciate that! Plus, the cotton is buttery soft, organic, and impressively absorbent. I love that the soaker snaps out and is easily replaced with a new, fresh soaker. Or if you’re cloth diapering on the go, there’s also innovative BioSoakers, which stick right into your GroVia shell and can be composted, flushed or just plain thrown-out. I’ve rarely had to wash my shell due to the gathered edges and absorbency of the soaker and less laundry is also a plus. Although the initial price tag may seem a bit on the higher end of cloth diapering, remember that you can use one shell with at least 2 soakers (in my case 3+, but this all depends on your baby), which quickly brings down the cost of cloth diapering to the lower end. Score. The soaker does take longer to dry than some other cloth diapers, but as I’ve mentioned before, this just proves to me that the soaker will soak up a ton!

    Continue reading

  • The Girl Is A Mom - GroVia Review and Giveaway!

    Once in a while you come across a diaper that is totally different from all of the others, GroVia from The Natural Baby Company is one of those diapers. Formerly known as the GroBaby with the rebranding comes some great new changes. GroVia aims to change the disposable diapering industry and make cloth diapering even easier for existing cloth diapering families, which is no small task.

    Like most awesome cloth diaper companies, The Natural Baby Company was founded by a mom. Kim Ormsby started the business out of her laundry room, never realizing that her small ideas would revolutionize the industry. Since 2008, The Natural Baby Company has grown by introducing ultra useable and innovative products for natural parenting families. I was lucky enough to get one of the new GroVia All In 2 diapers for review. When I heard about the re-branding from GroBaby diapers to GroVia, I figured it was simply a name change but I was so wrong. GroVia made some marked and fabulous changes to their already great diapers.

    I should start by saying that I was also lucky enough to pick up a GroBaby All In 2 diapers from the gently used section of my local diaper store, The Diaper Lab. Since we have had it the GroBaby has been on the top of my favorites list. I’m glad I got it because I was able to clearly see the improvements that were made when GroBaby became GroVia. So, let’s get on with talking about the fluff! Continue reading

  • Babble Reports - GroVia Rebrand!


    You heard right: Buh-bye Gro Baby — oh how we loved you. But wait, what’s that? A newer, better version of the well-loved, one-size cloth diapering system just launched under their new name, GroVia.

    It’s the same great design as Gro Baby — which grows with your child and snaps together without stuffing or doublers – except for a few noticeable differences: There’s a better selection of shell colors and patterns (more light and summery!), and the organic cotton inner is so much softer. I haven’t tested its absorbency to its full capacity, seeing that it takes a good 10 washes to really be at its best, but you won’t ever want to use a disposable diaper after feeling this cloth pad. And like the Gro Baby system, GroVia offers their similar BioSoaker pads as a more convenient, eco-friendly option.

    Don’t worry, Gro Baby users. All of your current shells and pads are interchangeable with the new GroVia system. Consequently, The Natural Baby Company is having a big sale on their Gro Baby inventory!

    After trying a few different cloth and hybrid systems, Gro Baby was my personal choice for everyday wear (convenient, absorbent and cost-effective), so I can personally vouch for the design’s performance.

    Find the revamped, renamed diapers at Continue reading

  • Cloth diaper week: This ain't your mama's cloth diaper

     Pregnancy and Newborn Cover

    When I tell people I use cloth diapers on my son, they typically get this look on their face like I’ve just told them I do brain surgery in my basement. Cloth diapering isn’t what it used to be—gone are the days of diaper pins and rubber pants. Today’s cloth diapers are easy to use, easy to clean, and oh-so-adorable.

    My newest love is the hybrid diapers by GroBaby. These diapers are so unique and easy to use, even on the go. They come in a variety of adorable prints and have easy snap-in inserts. I also love that they have a biodegradable insert option that is great for babysitters or to use when you’re not at home.

    GroBaby diapers come in only one size, which for all you cloth diapering newbies means that they have easy to adjust snaps so they’ll fit your baby as both an infant and a toddler. In fact, they fit most children from newborn all the way up to their potty days. If you’re thinking about giving GroBaby a try, I recommend their GroBaby Experience Package. It includes two shells, two organic soaker pads, and two organic boosters. I would also recommend picking up a pack of GroBaby Bio Soaker Pads for using while you are out and about. You’ll be surprised by how easy cloth diapering actually is!

    Written by: P&N

  • 8,000 diapers or 12 Gro Baby diapers?

    Did you know that the average newborn can speed through 12 diapers a day! Older babies and toddlers typically use about 6-10 diapers a day. If your baby is out of diapers entirely by the time she’s two and a half years old (many aren’t) that’s still about 7,500-8,000 disposable diapers over those 2.5 years. Imagine if your baby is in diapers longer.

    When you think about it in terms of sheer numbers, cloth diapering makes so much more sense. Cloth diapering is not like days of past either. Forget sharp pins and messy leaks. Today’s cloth diapers are highly sophisticated. For a basic primer on alternatives to disposables read Green Diapers 101: Eco-friendly Diapers for a cloth diaper primer read The New Wave of Cloth Diapers. Continue reading

  • Green With Envy - An Gro Baby short

    Gro Baby's animated short about the Gro Baby diapering sytem. Watch it here!

  • A Diaper that will Gro with your Baby - PTPA Media


    My daughter has been wearing the Gro Baby Diaper Shells and Cloths for a couple of months. I LOVE it! I have been raving about these diapers since I’ve started using them. A lot of people I know have made recent purchases because I have been dancing and singing about these diapers. The Gro Baby Diapering system makes cloth diapering such an easy experience. For those that are intimidated by cloth diapering, no need to anymore, with this system. Continue reading

  • says GroVia is the Best Cloth Diaper!

    Over a year and a half ago I jumped into the world of cloth diapering for my girls, then 10-months old and 2.5 years old. My oldest was soon potty trained. My then 10-month old is now 2 years old and fully potty trained. Now my son is on diaper testing duty. We've tried A LOT of brands... even did a diaper challenge.

    The latest diaper to be put to the test in my diaper challenge are Gro Baby Diapers.

    A relatively new cloth diap newcomer, Gro Babys are a system of diapering that combines cloth and eco-friendly disposable inserts (aka Bio Soakers) that both go into a reusable shell. It's a similar concept to gDiapers, but much much better. In fact Gro diaps are now among my most favorite (up next to BumGenius, FuzziBunz and Green Acre Designs cloth diapers).

    Gro Baby Diapers are high quality and good construction and really simple to use. Just snap in a cloth insert into cover (which is not only soft and durable but very absorbent) and put on. (See photo in slideshow) The cover can be used 2-3 times, depending on your little ones soaking abilities and the frequency of changes.

    You can go back and forth between the cloth inserts and the disposable ones. On the topic of the disposable inserts- called Bio Soakers by Gro Baby- they're surprisingly great. I expected at first use that they'd slide around or not stay in place but quite the opposite. They stick too well. They don't leak or move around but they do leave sticky residue that can be challenging to get all off. I've also tried the disp inserts with other covers (including BumGenius, DryBees among others). They stay perfectly and don't get the shell wet. But they do leave sticky residue that you have to work to get off. However, they're so much better than cloth when your little one gives you a big poop present.

    On the topic of poop, my son put the Gro Baby with cloth insert through the poop test the first time I put him in them. They performed well. The cover got poop on it so there was no reusing it prior to washing but with just a little poop wiping down with a baby wipe, tossing it into the reusable diaper bag and washing it the next day... the Gro Baby still looked brand new, no poop stains whatsoever. Now a month plus later - they're still looking brand new. There's not even any lint stuck in the velcro tabs, which is hard to believe. That's because you just fold the tab down to the diaper cloth, not a special tab. That makes it really easy to keep nice and clean.

    As for overnight - I haven't been brave enough to try overnights with the Gro Baby as both the cloth and disposable inserts are only good for my little soaker man for two hours... and he's sleeping through the night for the most part.

    Overall, Gro Baby is now one of my favorite diapering systems. If I was just starting out, I'd start with Gro Baby because of its versatility and options to use both the disposable and cloth inserts.

    Read more about all the Gro Baby features at

  • Green Your Baby’s Bum!

    Gro Baby Introduces New To The Market Eco Friendly Diaper Pads

    Gro Baby’s New Bio Soaker Pads, the Convenient Hybrid Diaper Option for Modern Parents On-The-Go

    Gro Baby, creator of reusable diapers for modern parents, announced today the debut of the newest addition to their line, Gro Baby Bio Soaker Pads. An essential for parents who treasure convenience but also love the earth, Gro Baby’s Bio Soakers offer mom and dad the ultimate eco friendly cloth diaper option. Superior in design, comfort and protection – Gro Baby Bio Soakers are safer for baby, and safer for the planet. Continue reading

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