GroVia Launches Baby Registry

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Creating a baby registry is a fantastic way to let friends and family know what you need for your new baby.  This makes shopping easier for them and you receive what you need....not 100 different bibs and onesies!

We recently partnered with and now offer a full service registry on  What is so unique about My Registry is that you can shop for registry items on partnered websites, BUT you can also add products from any shopping site on the web....Etsy too!


I decided to give it a try. We are expecting a new baby any day and I haven't created a registry since our first baby (12 years ago), so was curious to see just how easy the process was. This was also a great opportunity to showcase some of my personal favorite new baby products.

There is a major misconception that baby NEEDS a ridiculous amount of paraphernalia in its first months of life. The fact is, after almost 6 babies I can say with confidence that this is not true. Baby's needs are quite simple and there are some amazing eco-friendly and healthy products out there that will not only make your life easier, but baby happier!! Take a peek at my registry to see what some of my personal favorites are.

Kims Registry

One thought on “GroVia Launches Baby Registry”

  • Zabdi Di

    I love the shell in snaps and the citrus color it is my favorite color.
    P.s. Grovia it is My hubby's favorite diaper. If there is no more grovias in my stash he doesn't grab any other diaper... Hun! I cant change the baby! There are no more diapers here!!! Haha Love him