Babble Reports - GroVia Rebrand!


You heard right: Buh-bye Gro Baby — oh how we loved you. But wait, what’s that? A newer, better version of the well-loved, one-size cloth diapering system just launched under their new name, GroVia.

It’s the same great design as Gro Baby — which grows with your child and snaps together without stuffing or doublers – except for a few noticeable differences: There’s a better selection of shell colors and patterns (more light and summery!), and the organic cotton inner is so much softer. I haven’t tested its absorbency to its full capacity, seeing that it takes a good 10 washes to really be at its best, but you won’t ever want to use a disposable diaper after feeling this cloth pad. And like the Gro Baby system, GroVia offers their similar BioSoaker pads as a more convenient, eco-friendly option.

Don’t worry, Gro Baby users. All of your current shells and pads are interchangeable with the new GroVia system. Consequently, The Natural Baby Company is having a big sale on their Gro Baby inventory!

After trying a few different cloth and hybrid systems, Gro Baby was my personal choice for everyday wear (convenient, absorbent and cost-effective), so I can personally vouch for the design’s performance.

Find the revamped, renamed diapers at


Stay tuned for a review of GroVia’s new BioDiapers, expected to hit shelves in about three weeks. For those not willing to compromise on a disposable’s convenience but cringe at the landfill contribution, these promise to be biodegradable and compostable without any fragrance, plastic, chlorine, dyes or chemicals. This has big potential, people! I was very pleased with the few I tried, but we’ll do a thorough test run for you.