Alphabet Soup: good for kids AND the Earth

July 2014 UPDATE: GroVia's parent company, The Natural Baby Company, became a certified B Corporation this month. Thanks to all of our customers for helping to change the world!

GroVia b corp

Just about everyone's heard of an LLC before...and then there is the good old S-Corp, and the C-Corp...and before you know it, the alphabet soup of American corporations can get pretty overwhelming...and frankly pretty annoying.

But there is some good news that is just coming over the horizon. It's something called a Certified B Corporation. And in this case, rather than referring to something in the IRS tax code, B stands for "benefit". What's that you say? Benefit and Corporation in the same phrase?!? it turns out, leaders in the business world - and I mean thought leaders, not necessarily profit leaders(!) - are waking up to realize that their companies don't operate in a vacuum. Their products generally have some impact on the ENVIRONMENT, they all rely on PEOPLE for their markets and workers, and they all impact their local COMMUNITIES in one way or another.

The good news is that Certified B Corporations (in order to become one) have voluntarily chosen to be rated by an external agency called B Labs to prove that they are going "above and beyond" when it comes to how they treat the environment, their employees and customers, and their local communities. It's no longer business as usual, and the even better news is that the average B Corporation creates more and better jobs than the average American business. Sounds like a prescription that our economy could use right now!

For our part...we've recently gotten motivated to get involved with this business revolution. We've always knownFavorite B Corps that our cloth diapers help the environment in a significant way...thanks to your assistance and patronage! But when we saw local friends of ours "go big" as a member of this year's "B Corp Best for the World" list, we knew it was time to get a little more serious. So far, we have finished the first step by getting rated under B Lab's Global Impact Investing Rating System, which (we are happy to say!) resulted in a fairly glowing report.  Next up is to complete a little bit of paperwork to get to the finish line.

In a nutshell, all of us at GroVia want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of our customers.  You are the ones that are truly making the world a better place...and we are just glad to be able to help in those efforts. It makes us proud to think that our products and company can be part of changing how the world is treated by corporations.  We all (as consumers) may still have a ways to go to get all companies to think this way...but things really are beginning to change for the better.
GroVia Changing the World