A Diaper that will Gro with your Baby - PTPA Media


My daughter has been wearing the Gro Baby Diaper Shells and Cloths for a couple of months. I LOVE it! I have been raving about these diapers since I’ve started using them. A lot of people I know have made recent purchases because I have been dancing and singing about these diapers. The Gro Baby Diapering system makes cloth diapering such an easy experience. For those that are intimidated by cloth diapering, no need to anymore, with this system.

I love that the shell is waterproof with easy hook tabs to adjust to your baby’s size, so no more 2 size system for your baby. The shell grows with your baby! The organic cotton 6 layer soaker pads are amazing because they snap in and they are elasticized, so they mold to your baby’s bum. I purchased about 10 shells and 20 soaker pads. I have never had an issue with shortage, as I do laundry almost everyday and I leave them to air dry. Prices Range: Check Site

PTPA SealAnother super innovative product they developed was the Bio Soaker Pads. It’s pretty much an on-the-go insert for when you are out and about and do not want to hassle with cloth diapers. They have great absorbency (Comes in 2 Sizes). I am IN LOVE with this product! I have a receipt to prove how much I am in love with it. Recently they had a buy 1 get 1 free promotion on their site and I purchased 8 boxes and got 8 boxes free, for a total of 16 boxes. I don’t feel guilty about buying these soaker pads because they are bio-degradable and they are gentle on the earth. Price: $19.99

They recently won the PTPA Media Stamp of Approval and I knew exactly why. I LOVE my Gro Baby diapering system and I will continue to dance and sing about it!

By Susan Vinderine