5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Cloth Diaper

"I'm taking these Huggies and uh whatever cash you got." -Nicholas Cage, Raising Arizona "I'm taking these Huggies and uh whatever cash you got." -Nicholas Cage, Raising Arizona


1) You have a surplus of money.  That’s right, you’re rolling in the dough and see no benefit in
saving $2000 per child.

2) You love paper and plastic underwear.  Why wouldn’t your baby?

3) Your significant other enjoys taking out the trash.  Daily trips to the curb may be the only
excerise you get as a new parent.

4)  Someone in your family works for Proctor and Gamble. 'Nuff said.

5)  You live for your weekly trip to the big box store.  Add a toddler for extra fun!

What’s your #6?

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7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Cloth Diaper”

  • Hannah

    6. Who doesn't love a 'sposie blowout? It's not everyone who gets the joy of cleaning poop off a car seat, baby clothes, your own pants, and somehow your sock. Don't forget, it's best when you're in the grocery store so you manage to get some on the cart and a bag of apples.

    Never had it happen in cloth, though. So you're probably missing out on some good times if you only cloth diaper.

  • Myrta

    You love to see you child in those white, boring, trashy disposable diapers.

  • christine k

    6: you never do laundry

  • Kara

    ^ because the only thing more fun than a 'sposie blowout in a shopping cart is being the unsuspecting person who puts their baby in the cart next. LOL

  • Lindsay M

    6) They have so many cute colors and designs on disposables.

  • Kel Chardon

    You love contributing to landfill...

  • Sarah B

    6.) you love your child feeling dry so you never have to change their diaper and potty training at the age of 4 is better.


    6.) because you love the smell of soiled disposables vs. cloth