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  • Use it up, wear it out: Getting the most out of cloth diapers

    Cloth diapers, just like your household towels and favorite t-shirts, will eventually begin to show signs that they are well loved parts of your family’s daily life. Here are some tips for keeping them in great condition for as long as possible:

    laundry-tab-inst_vertTip #1: On Hybrid Hook/Loop Shells, ALWAYS use the Tuck Under Tabs before laundering!
    Avoid laundry “diaper chains,” damage, and premature wear and tear. The Tuck Under Tab is one reason the GroVia Hybrid is so beloved by cloth diapering families. Just trust.

    Tip #2: Hang or lay your GroVia Hybrid Shells flat to dry.
    By the time your Soaker Pads, Prefolds, and All in Ones have finished tumble-drying, your Shells will be dry or almost there. Not exposing them to heat from your dryer protects elastics, snaps, and Hook/Loop materials from becoming worn or warped.

    Tip #3: Have a large enough rotation.
    One Size diapers are worn around the clock by a single child for sometimes more than two or even three years! Having a large enough rotation—at least 36 diaper changes per child in diapers—will prevent the need to repair or purchase replacements before your child is out of diapers. Continue reading

  • It Started With A Store Called The Natural Baby Company

    As questions about the history of our brand arise in the GroVia Families Facebook Group, I’ve noticed something: I don’t share the story of just how our company and brand came to be very often.

    I often reflect on just how far we’ve come since the earliest days of our company, but the whole narrative is not something I generally share. It’s not because I’m not proud of it, it’s just that I am someone who is always looking forward. The excitement of the future is what drives me and our whole team. Our early years laid a foundation that was so strong and unyielding that it’s easy to forget just how important those formative years really were.

montanas_diaper_store_2006 I lost my corporate job after 9/11, when the recession started, and stayed home with our daughter for the first several months. Then we discovered we were expecting our second baby! I started researching cloth diapers for our new baby since our first baby had had frequent rash issues in disposables. This led me to concept an online store business that would focus on natural parenting products like cloth diapers, slings, and wood toys. Continue reading

  • Brian Beyke of Abandon Coffee - Mother's Day Giveaway!


    Super Dad Brian Beyke, coffee blogger and extraordinary photographer, and his wife Kristen totally get why cloth diapers can help family life run smoothly:

    Before our daughter was born we were interested in cloth diapers. When we went into a local store and had someone explain it all to us we found it very overwhelming. Tuck this here, extra padding there, buttons, snaps, hook and loop, this brand that brand. Continue reading

  • The GroVia Recipe For Laundry Success

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  • A Side by Side Look at GroVia Hybrid and O.N.E

    With the launch of GroVia's new O.N.E diaper drawing near we are seeing a lot of questions asking how O.N.E is different than the GroVia Hybrid diapering system.  We've put together a brief piece with photos to help guide you through the differences and hopefully help you with your buying decision (although to be honest I have both Hybrid and O.N.E in my stash and LOVE the mix).


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  • Duane Ormsby - Co-owner, father, Eurovan driver


    When did you first realize that this GroVia thing "was real" and was going to take off as a business? What was going through your mind at the time?

    When we relocated from being a home-based business to our first store/warehouse location almost 7 years ago. My mind was still in tact, though local customer feed-back and the amount of goods we were bringing in to the store made it clear that things were progressing forward , but still in a timely way.  What I mean is, we didn't get big-headed or let things get away from us that we couldn't make clear decisions on what was best for our family and our customers.

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  • My Diapers Stink...What Do I Do?

    Unpleasant odors are NOT 'just part of' using cloth diapers. And they are always fixable. We've put together a handy dandy flow chart to help you get to the bottom of your stink issues and keep your diapers smelling so fresh and so clean! Simply click on the image below for an enlarged version of the graphic.


  • My Diapers Leak...What Do I Do?

    It's frustrating when cloth diapers leak, but it's infuriating to not know why it's happening! This little decision tree can help you think through what's causing the leaks and what you can do to fix it. Simply click on the image below for an enlarged version of the graphic.


  • Deep-cleaning cloth diapers.

    What it is, what it isn't, and how to do it

    So you may have read our post about ‘stripping’ cloth diapers; it’s where we first introduced our SUDS acronym to you:

    grovia_suds‘Stripping’ refers to removing an oily residue from the fibers of your cloth diapers, usually from the accidental use of fabric softener or a petroleum- or fish oil-based diaper ointment or cream. There are washing techniques—namely, the good, old-fashioned dishsoap-and-a-toothbrush scrub—that can be used to remove these oils.

    But. We’d like to make a distinction between stripping and deep-cleaning. Continue reading

  • How-to Video: GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper System

    If you haven't seen it already, here is a short instructional video about some of the innovative features and benefits of the GroVia Hybrid Diaper.  Happy viewing!

    Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.14.33 AM

    For even more information about the Hybrid Cloth Diaper, please visit: LEARN

    To see all of our color choices and to find discounts on package deals, please visit: SHOP
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  • How-to Video: GroVia All In One Cloth Diaper

    Join the inventor of the GroVia All In One Cloth Diaper for an inside view of this simple and highly effective, 100% certified organic cotton, wonder of nature!

    Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.19.07 AM

    For even more information about this diaper, please visit: LEARN

    And when you are ready to see all of the great colors and package deals, please visit: SHOP
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  • Can Cloth Diapering Really Help With Potty Training?

    2011_Dec_TNBC-28_smallSo what’s the deal with the claim that using cloth diapers during infancy can help a toddler potty-train more easily?

    It’s (mostly) true!

    Disposable diapers and some modern cloth diapers—including our GroVia Stay-Dry Soaker Pads—pull moisture away from the skin to keep babies comfortable after they have used their diapers. This can certainly have its advantages, and there’s a reason we offer Stay-Dry products! When my own babies are going to be in the car or in a busy situation, I like to use Stay-Dry Soaker Pads.

    But natural fibers like organic cotton don’t do this. When your baby uses his diaper, it feels wet.

    Why is this a good thing? Because your baby can learn, from a very early age, to connect the sensation of a full bladder to the soon-to-follow sensation of wetness in his diaper. And if this sensation is uncomfortable to him, he will cry, you will change him, and his preference for a dry bottom is reinforced. Guess what! Making that ‘potty-awareness’ connection is half the work of potty-learning right there! Continue reading

  • GroVia Customers Are Changing the World


    The Founding Fathers would thank you...and so do we!

    Every week that goes by, GroVia cloth diaper users keep about 1 MILLION disposable diapers from going to landfills. That's a lot of diapers, and they add up fast. Since we launched our first GroVia Hybrid cloth diaper back in 2009, you have all combined to keep over 257 million disposable diapers from piling up in our environment. That's the equivalent of twelve Mount Rushmores...and counting.  THANK YOU!!!

    Want to share more inspiring and sometimes scary facts like this with friends and family?                                                                              --> See this, that, and the other thing!

    Want to learn more about how your family can help change the world?                                                                                                              --> Learn about our best-selling Hybrid or dad's-favorite All In One.

    Key assumptions used for the above calculations: 2 washes per week per diaper, 2.5 years until potty training, 21.92 used disposable diapers per cubic foot of trash, approximately 927,000 cubic feet in Mount Rushmore (we called park rangers to ask!)

  • 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Cloth Diaper

    "I'm taking these Huggies and uh whatever cash you got." -Nicholas Cage, Raising Arizona "I'm taking these Huggies and uh whatever cash you got." -Nicholas Cage, Raising Arizona


    1) You have a surplus of money.  That’s right, you’re rolling in the dough and see no benefit in
    saving $2000 per child.

    2) You love paper and plastic underwear.  Why wouldn’t your baby?

    3) Your significant other enjoys taking out the trash.  Daily trips to the curb may be the only
    excerise you get as a new parent.

    4)  Someone in your family works for Proctor and Gamble. 'Nuff said.

    5)  You live for your weekly trip to the big box store.  Add a toddler for extra fun!

    What’s your #6?

    Ready to learn why your SHOULD cloth diaper?  Learn more about the benefits of cloth or check out our most popular cloth diaper systems.

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  • The Next Generation Gets It!

    parkersworld2It's enough to make a dad proud when his son reports that his teacher had him read his "persuasive essay" aloud in class because it was so good.  It's a whole new level of pride when you read it and see the topic that he chose without prompting from anyone!  I don't know about you, but I don't remember writing this kind of essay in 2nd grade...maybe it has something to do with this Common Core thing that seems to have everyone talking.  Or maybe the next generation is just tuned in to things that need some changing.  Either way, happy reading...and I hope your children are seeing the world through a similar lens! Make sure to check out the earth images for some sad humor. Continue reading

  • Alphabet Soup: good for kids AND the Earth

    July 2014 UPDATE: GroVia's parent company, The Natural Baby Company, became a certified B Corporation this month. Thanks to all of our customers for helping to change the world!

    GroVia b corp

    Just about everyone's heard of an LLC before...and then there is the good old S-Corp, and the C-Corp...and before you know it, the alphabet soup of American corporations can get pretty overwhelming...and frankly pretty annoying.

    But there is some good news that is just coming over the horizon. It's something called a Certified B Corporation. And in this case, rather than referring to something in the IRS tax code, B stands for "benefit". What's that you say? Benefit and Corporation in the same phrase?!? it turns out, leaders in the business world - and I mean thought leaders, not necessarily profit leaders(!) - are waking up to realize that their companies don't operate in a vacuum. Their products generally have some impact on the ENVIRONMENT, they all rely on PEOPLE for their markets and workers, and they all impact their local COMMUNITIES in one way or another. Continue reading

  • Washing away the cloth diaper water myth

    grovia_washmyth_totaluseOne of the key criticisms of cloth diapers is that they require “large amounts” of water to wash. Sure, most cloth diapers must be washed after every use (although the GroVia Hybrid diaper partially changes that fact!). Assuming “typical” (not water-wise) practices, estimates suggest that laundering diapers could use 15,300 gallons over the course of a 2.5-year diapering period. If you use about the same amount of water as the average American household, washing diapers could account for up to 5% of your total water use.
    Continue reading

  • Eco-friendly cloth diapering: one load at a time

    You chose to cloth diaper because you care about your baby, the environment...and probably your pocketbook too! Congratulations! Reusable cloth diapers are inherently green. Do you want to maximize the eco-friendliness of your cloth diapers? How you launder your diapers can affect the overall environmental impact of diapering your baby. Efficient laundering methods will use less energy and water, and could save you a bundle! If you want all the gritty details, read this life cycle assessment conducted by Environment Agency. Below we summarize and expand upon some of the energy-saving tips suggested in the report. Cherry-pick or use them all, whatever works best for you.

    Continue reading

  • Using Soaker Pads on the Newborn Setting


    “If my Shell is on the newborn setting, can I use Soaker Pads?”

    This is a question that we see frequently from parents who are new to cloth diapers—and it’s a great one!

    An unprepped Soaker Pad looks gigantic; it really does. Once your Soaker Pads, which are made from absorbent natural fibers, are in the prepping process, you’ll watch them shriiiiiiink until, after about 10 washes, they reach their permanent size. This is true for all natural fiber cloth diapers.

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  • Cloth Diapering for Newbies


    The journey of switching to cloth from disposables can be a bumpy one. First off, it's intimidating to get many to buy, what type to use, how to fasten them, how to wash them, how to store them...the list of questions is never-ending. And then once you do get started, it often takes some testing and tweaking along the way to get your routine just right.

    That's why we love hearing from other moms and dads about their firsthand experiences on their quest to use cloth. One of GroVia's amazing partners, Reusit, recently posted a blog article from one of their hard-working moms detailing the scary (and fun) process of staring her own cloth diapering journey. If you are nervous about switching to cloth or are just looking for some newbie tips to help you succeed, this article is for you!

    Read the Blog Post >>

  • ENOUGH with the "Stripping" Already


    Our Customer Service department fields at least 5 "stripping" questions per day. The term, stripping, pops up daily on cloth diaper forums and manufacturer's Facebook walls. I've cloth diapered 5 babies (since 2003) and this term was nonexistent when I started cloth diapering.

    As pocket diapers and other polyester cloth diapers became popular, a new generation of washing instructions was marketed alongside these products. Washing instructions that told customers to use 1/2 (or less) of the recommended dose of detergent. The result: unclean diapers, ammonia issues, diaper rashes, and ultimately unusable cloth diapers. This was then followed by a whole host of "stripping" processes and customers who think that this is normal for cloth diapers. It isn't.

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  • GroVia Creator in Mamalode Starter Series

    Starting a new business is scary. And unpredictable. And entails LOTS and LOTS of hard work. No one understands this more than GroVia & The Natural Baby Company Founder Kim Ormsby. That's why it's no surprise that she was chosen by parenting magazine Mamalode to be one of the first showcased in their Starter Series, a new feature that celebrates inspiring entrepreneurs across the country.

    The article gives an inside look at the early days of launching these two amazing eco-friendly companies, including the importance of bootstrapping it in the beginning. In fact, The Natural Baby Company operated out of Kim's laundry room when it was first founded in 2003! Although a lot has changed since that time, the motivation behind the businesses have remained the same: "To help unite eco-responsibility and function in homes across the globe by offering a simple way to nurture baby, naturally."

    Check out the series for more on how Kim has fulfilled two of her lifelong dreams: building a career doing something she loves and having a big family. Read more >>

  • TNBC donates BioDiapers to Philippines

    grovia_palleteThe Natural Baby Company continues to give back! The Philippines were hit hard by the devastating Typhoon Haiyan on November 8, 2013. The deadliest typhoon in the Philippines recorded history, it killed more than 6200 people and left thousands of people without shelter, water, food, and resources.

    We are pleased to be able to distribute more that 50,000 discontinued GroVia BioDiapers to the Philippines region in an effort to help those with babies and no laundry facilities for cloth diapers.

  • GroVia "Ziggy" Fitted Diaper in Washington Post


    Recently we've seen a big uptick in the number of features and stories from mainstream media outlets on the growing trend of cloth diapers. In fact, GroVia's very own Kiwi Pie fitted diaper (in the adorable Ziggy print) was recently included in a cloth diaper article from the Washington Post. The handy guide breaks down how cloth diapers have changed since the days of plastic pants, provides tips for caring for cloth, and gives recommendations for effectively building your stash.

    The article also seeks advice from Kelly Wels, author of the book "Changing Diapers." According to Kelly, "Parents who are concerned about the cost, the environmental impact or the chemicals that come with disposables can take heart: Reusable diapers are now a viable option, and there are lots to choose from."

    We are thrilled that the word is getting out about the cost, health and environmental benefits of cloth over disposables and are so excited to see our US-made Kiwi Pie line as the featured diaper in this informative article!

    Read the Article >>

  • GroVia SuperMom: Major Vanessa Mahan


    US Air Force F-15E Fighter Pilot – call sign “Siren”

    sirens_favorite_grovia_250Talk about making us proud! Not only has Major Mahan flown sorties over Afghanistan to protect troops on the ground, but she is a living example of following your dreams. Since she was a little girl, she knew she would fly. And as a Weapons Systems Officer on an F-15 (think Goose in Top Gun!), she got to surprise many of the troops on the ground with a female voice when flying over dangerous territory. And on top of it, she spent her down time meeting and inspiring Afghan women and girls!?! Our hats are off! Continue reading

  • SuperDad: Duane Ormsby


    GroVia’s Super Glue

    Duanes Favorite Cloth Diapers - Shell Hook Loop, All in One and the BioSoaker 50 CountIf you worked at GroVia, you would be amazed at all of the moving parts that it takes to keep it running.  And even more amazed by the energy level and “get it done” attitude of this father of six and husband to our founder. This is the guy that poured the first GroVia Magic Stick…by hand…in his kitchen!  And the guy that magically keeps track of all of the cloth diapers and baby products, we have in our inventory, plus all the materials that are stored in our various warehouses.  Simply put, if Duane wasn’t here holding it all together for us, we would definitely have “issues”.

    In His Own Words: Continue reading

  • GroVia SuperMom: Annie Leonard


    The Story of Stuff Project

    During a recent keynote speech in our hometown, Annie made it abundantly clear that she just plain “gets” what we are doing here at GroVia.  And with 15 million (and counting!) views of her online movie The Story of Stuff (a self-described ‘20-minute cartoon about trash’) Annie has become an inspiration to parents and citizens worldwide.  We are proud to have Annie involved with the GroVia SuperMom program and hope you will take the time to learn more about her findings and organization.

    In Her Own Words: Continue reading

  • SuperMom: Erica Lighthiser

    Super Mom Erica Lighthiser practice green living and her family ride bikes in the northwestern united states

    The Family Ride

    Erica's Favorite Cloth Diapers and Accessories Shell Hook and Loop, BioSoaker 50 Count, Organic Cotton Soaker PadWe first met Erica when she rolled into our local shop fresh off “the trail” with her three kids.  Literally. They were attached to her own bike in various ways.   With husband Mark, their kids, and one dog (Hayduke!) the intrepid Family Ride has been biking for months through the Northern Rocky Mountains.  While we definitely find inspiration in the low-impact and high-adventure form of transport, we also LOVE the fact that they have found it quite easy to use the GroVia Hybrid diaper on their youngest during the journey! Continue reading

  • A First-Hand Look at Disposable Diaper Studies


    So...I  get an email from my dad recently with a link to an online article entitled "Recycling Myths Revisited".  Not being one to avoid a little controversial banter among my family - especially with holiday visits soon approaching (!) - I felt compelled to read the article.  It pretty much lived up to my expectations, but it also turned out to be a PERFECT case in point of how so-called "research studies" can contribute to the general misleading of consumers on important topics like disposable diapers and environmental impacts. Continue reading

  • Return of the Hyena Diaper!!

    Some of you may be wondering what the heck a "Hyena Diaper" is!  Well, let me give you a little history lesson.  If you recognize the words; Fussybutt, Honey Boy, Luxe Baby, or Fuzbaby you can skip this paragraph.  For the rest of you, the word Hyena in the cloth diaper world was used to describe us crazy moms who would sit glued to our computers, hitting F5...F5...F5... in hopes of scoring a piece of diaper art.  Yes, I said ART.  Diapers that were meticulously sewn by WAHMs (Work at Home Moms), made of the purest of materials, often hand dyed or appliqued, and packaged and delivered in a glorious box of fluffy goodness.  We Hyenas often crashed websites by our sheer numbers, which eventually led to the creation of Hyena Cart! Continue reading

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